One of the best compliments someone can give is to take your advice.

About five years ago one of my teammates was just graduating from college and trying to figure out what direction he should go. He admitted that he was most interested in working for an NGO but was also considering business. Having started my career in the non-profit world, I shared with him what one of my MBA professors once told me, namely that I had done everything ass backwards and that it’s easier to go from a for profit to a not for profit and from a large to a small organization. While I am sure there are exceptions, I told him about my own experiences and that I had found her advice was generally true.

Fast forward five years and I bumped into Dmitry* and his girlfriend at a party. He hugged me and thanked me profusely for the advice - his girlfriend confirmed he has mentioned it before as some of the best advice he had ever gotten - he also said that he is doing really great.

And well - I think that is just awesome and it made me super happy to hear.

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Step One

I signed up for yoga teacher training. I found a studio with a practice I adore and as an added bonus the curriculum has been written by athletes.

My goal isn’t to teach yoga in a class… my goal is to teach community donation based classes. I plan to donate my time leading community classes for charities and to create a local meetup yoga for writers. I know it sounds hooky but I really like the magic and the energy that practicing yoga with other creates… we’ll see what happens

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Bad Day

I was having a moderately bad day. It was not an earth shaking monstrously bad day - just your average not so great day where the worries and what not of life seem to have piled up especially high and obscure happiness. 

And so it was that I found myself walking my dog wrapped in a pale shade of blue and frustration that I bumped into my neighbor walking her two dogs.

We greeted each other and since we had just both started out - continued our walk together. I inquired about her new born twins, and she told me about the difficult time she was having, between bed rest, exhaustion with the newborns, lack of sleep, isolation, and dealing with family.

I didn’t talk about my frustrations or challenges, it was actually nice hearing about someone else’s challenges. It was nice being a friend and being reminded that an excellent cure for unhappiness is being nice to someone else.

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Airline Safety

Flying home from Seattle last week I realized that I no longer pay attention to airline safety instructions. Remind me again, in case of emergency is it still wet your own pants before wetting someone else’s?



… waking up to NPR I heard this story about immigration. This may sound simplistic but why are we bothering with border security?  It brought to mind building sand castles when the tide has come in…  Even the most obstinate child must eventually concede to nature, either out of acceptance, boredom, or because they are called in to dinner.

In general the border seems terribly expensive stupid and ineffectual. In general I’m not a fan of manmade economic frictions especially when I think at the core they are racist, xenophobic and discriminatory… Instead of a 40% effective barrier - I would think that the ~ $8,000 per illegal immigrant caught would be better spent creating economic opportunities and improving infrastructure in Mexico and South America.